All You Need to Know About Non-Emergency Transportation Services

all you need to know about non-emergency transportation servicesWhen you are in need of professional medical help, you need to be able to access your physician, therapists, etc. in a blink of an eye. You obviously cannot drive because god knows what will happen to you if you go to the road alone. Taking the bus is also not an option. It is not because you may inconvenience other people but because you may feel inconvenience on your way to the doctor’s. How about a taxi? A taxi is a very good option but it can get better than that for a taxi cannot provide you with the medical services, equipments and understanding you need to travel without stress.

Because our country recognizes everybody’s need for a speedy transportation service for your special medical needs, NEMTs were created. What is NEMT? Do you need this service? To answer your question, we will discuss everything you need to know about NEMT and its benefits.

What is NEMT?
NEMT is the acronym for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation and is made available by NEMT service providers in every state. Unlike provider of vehicles like the ambulance, those who prompt to providing NEMT services do not cater those patients who needed to be brought to places as soon as possible. What NEMT service providers can give though is a safe and convenient transportation services for those who need professional medical assistance.

Who benefits from NEMT?
Unlike what you have predetermined in your head, a lot has benefitted from the service. Examples of these satisfied clients are:

  • Those who needed wheelchair to move around
  • Patients who should be transported via stretcher
  • Individuals who could not do with walking unaided
  • People who are sick, aged and/or disabled

Does NEMT have limitations?
Sadly, NEMT does have its own limitations. Some of these limitations are the restriction with regards to the rules such as:

  • Number of times it can be used in a month
  • The limitation to Medicaid beneficiaries

How to find NEMT service providers?
As mentioned, every state has its own provider of NEMT. You just need to look it up on the internet or just ask around. In the states of Texas, South Carolina and Arizona, Veteran National Transportation offers its services to the clients living within the area.

Veteran National Transportation’s non-emergency transportation service in 30417 5th Street, Fulshear, Texas and is renowned to offer quality services while maintain mobility and speed. This is also the case of our non-emergency transportation service in Garners Ferry Rd. Columbia South Carolina where we consider the time and our patient’s convenience our number one priority. We also reach out to the State of Arizona with our non-emergency transportation service in Camino Principal Tucson Arizona which provides the same quality of services.

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