10 Warning Signs to Stop Driving and Start Senior NEMT

10 warning signsYou have been trained to drive yourself around town at the age or even before we reach 18, and you just have no idea when to stop driving. It would feel uneasy for someone driving for you but it is better uneasy than to regret not having the senior NEMT instead. Aging adults do not actually realize their senses have gradually degraded over time so it is better to have the safer way –having a non-emergency transportation service in 30417 5th Street, Fulshear, Texas. Below are questions you should ask yourself or to your loved ones to ensure their safety on the fast lane:

  1. Do you have frequent “close calls” where you’re almost wrecking your vehicle?

    As we age, the tendency for multitasking can degrade and this is both completely inevitable and normal. How many times have you had this experience? Crunch the numbers!

  2. Are you finding dents and scrapes on your car? On fences, mailboxes, garage doors, curbs, etc.?

    Safe mobility is a huge concern among seniors. They usually tend to go off balance both walking and driving.

  3. Are you getting lost, often in familiar locations?

    Whether it’s Alzheimer’s disease or just mere brief memory loss, it is not a good sign if this happens more frequently. You can also visit an Veteran National Transportation branch for non-emergency transportation service in Garners Ferry Rd. Columbia, South Carolina to get more information.

  4. Are you having trouble seeing or following traffic signals, road signs, and pavement markings?

    Eyesight is usually the first one to apparently diminish over time due to overuse during our younger years. If sight is becoming a problem, then better call professional help.

  5. Are you responding more slowly to unexpected situations, or having trouble moving their foot from the gas to the brake pedal; confusing the two pedals?

    Agility and time-reaction are two components of health-related fitness back in our physical education. Hence, if these responses which are highly necessary for driving are slowing down, you better have a medical check-up.

  6. Are you misjudging gaps in traffic at intersections and on highway entrance and exit ramps?

  7. Are you experiencing road rage or causing other drivers to honk or complain?

  8. Are you easily becoming distracted or having difficulty concentrating while driving?

  9. Are you having a hard time turning around to check the rear view while backing up or changing lanes?

  10. Are you receiving multiple traffic tickets or “warnings” from law enforcement officers?

Being unable to become fully aware of traffic signals can be very dangerous so you can’t totally blame law enforcement to buzz around you. Seek doctor’s advice regarding this matter. You can visit a non-emergency transportation service in Camino Principal Tucson, Arizona.

So what do you think? Did you have more “Yes” than “No”? Then that could be an undeveloped problem which might lead to bigger problems in the future. Contact Veteran National Transportation now for the NEMT you and your loved-ones deserve!

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